Environmental Justice Society in Australia

What We Do

What We Want to Achieve

The Environmental Justice Society (EJS) is a body of environmentally aware people living in Australia. We engage their professional skills to help Australians voice their Environmental concerns and pursue justice in the situation where their lives or livelihood individually and as a company’s activities have negatively impacted a community. 

The aim of the EJS is, first and foremost, to inform, sensitise and educate Australians about their fundamental human rights that entitle them to a safe environment. We also empower them to ensure the protection of this fundamental right if it is jeopardised.

The Environmental Justice Society carries out three functions: Education, Advice, and Collaboration.


With the rise of industrial prowess in Australia, a lot of havoc is being wrecked in many places. Their actions are wreaking havoc on the people and the communities dwelling in that environment. We recognised that if left unchecked, it would cause devastating effects that will take years to repair since many Australians feel powerless to stand up to the big companies. 

To change the narrative, we realised that it wasn’t enough to stand up for the people. We needed to equip the people to stand up for themselves, and with us by their side, they would be unstoppable. So we began to develop the tools to empower people. Our EJS Knowledge Centre is available on our website to present you with all the knowledge you need right at your fingertips. Learn how to raise and further your environmental cause.

We educate people on the adverse health effects and conditions that can arise due to exposure to certain chemicals. We equip them with the knowledge necessary to gather the strong scientific evidence necessary to establish whether the company’s activities are causing harmful pollution. We also educate on the legal avenues available to address the effect that a company has had on its environment.


EJS provides individuals and their communities with advice about environmental issues and their well-being, and their property’s safety. Through the EJS’s extensive knowledge centre, We will equip you with the tools necessary for advancing your complaints on environmental issues through the appropriate channels. 

Another way that the EJS assists are by referring the person to the appropriate experts. The EJS is made up of doctors, lawyers, and even scientists. For example, if your case requires some specific legal advice or requires a toxicologist to investigate the toxic exposure effects properly, we would refer you to a lawyer and doctor, respectively.


The EJS has formed alliances with other environmental organisations and experts in the field. The EJS can collaborate with its allies to achieve the vision and aims of the organisation, which are education and advice. 

In the future, the EJS will continue to form more and more alliances. As we expand our referral network, we will get more equipped to provide individuals and communities that approach is, with the necessary information and assistance required to deal with their specific complaint.