Environmental Justice Society in Australia

Environmental Justice Society in Australia

Welcome to the Environmental Justice Society in Australia

We are the Environmental Justice Society (EJS). The Environmental Justice Society is a body concerned with protecting the environment and the people living in it from human actions that cause pollution. We offer various services, from receiving complaints from the people, finding their voice, sensitising the public, and legal actions against activities that can negatively impact the environment.

The Environmental Justice Society is an organisation concerned with safeguarding the environment and the people that live in it from the negative effects of company activities within Australia. The EJS is committed to safeguarding people from the hazardous toxins released into the environment due to companies’ activities and their effect on the health of the people in the long run.

We have an Advisory Committee which Australians can approach to make complaints. The committee helps the complainers find their voice, make their concerns known, and pursue justice if their lives or livelihood in the community are being impacted negatively by a company’s actions.

What We Do

The Environmental Justice Society (EJS) is a body of environmentally aware people living in Australia. We engage their professional skills to help Australians voice their Environmental concerns and pursue justice in the situation where their lives or livelihood individually and as a company’s activities have negatively impacted a community. 

The aim of the EJS is, first and foremost, to inform, sensitise and educate Australians about their fundamental human rights that entitle them to a safe environment. We also empower them to ensure the protection of this fundamental right if it is jeopardised. The Environmental Justice Society carries out three functions: Education, Advice, and Collaboration.

Our partners

Volunteer with Us

To carry out all these activities, we need all hands on deck. We invite like-minded people who are environmentally conscious and willing to work hard to achieve the organisation’s goals. This is one of the reasons why we are opening our doors to volunteers. We encourage people interested in environmental law and its protection to take advantage of the opportunity to help affected people and learn.

Another reason why we have opened our doors to volunteers is to help train new people who are interested in environmental law and protection. Volunteers can work on real-life environmental issues involving real people, see first-hand the effect of hazardous company activities in Australia, and learn as the people’s rights are enforced to stop those activities.