Environmental Justice Society in Australia

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About Us

We are the Environmental Justice Society (EJS). The Environmental Justice Society is a body concerned with protecting the environment and the people living in it from human actions that cause pollution. We offer various services, from receiving complaints from the people, finding their voice, sensitising the public, and legal actions against activities that can negatively impact the environment.

The EJS has an Advisory Committee which Australians can approach to make complaints. The committee helps the complainers find their voice, make their concerns known, and pursue justice if their lives or livelihood in the community are being impacted negatively by a company’s actions.

Most often, in deciding where to site their factories that run toxic operations, Companies usually look to the more vulnerable communities, especially those with a history of their land being used for industrial purposes. Such vulnerable communities are then most often forced to bear the burdens of the company’s presence, such as water pollution, air pollution, health challenges, and even economic effects.

The EJS is a group of environmentally conscious people and is ready to work hard to protect the environment. EJS is made up of Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists, and campaigners who are environmentally conscious. EJS members are committed to empowering individuals and communities by imparting them with the knowledge and resources necessary to rally together, support. They take actions to bring the negligent companies to book.

These concerns drive EJS’s commitment to environmental justice, the fight for equal environmental protection for all. EJS is working with environmental justice organisations across the country to ensure that companies take the safest, not just the easiest, the solution to environmental hazards.

Environmental advantages include extensive and attractive green space, clean water and air, and  significant investment in the abatement of pollution and considerable landscape improvements. On the other hand, environmental burdens cut across hazards and risks from municipal, industrial, and transport-generated pollution.

The patron of the EJS is Erin Brokovich, an environmental crusader, a champion of truth, and an advocate for the people. The advisory committee is made up of five members. They are, Rebecca Jancauskas the Manager of the Environmental Claims division and a lawyer; Professor Matti Lang, the director of Entox; Jo-Anne Bragg, the principal solicitor at the Environmental Defenders Office; Dr David King, the member of Doctors For The Environment; Dr Mariann Lloyd Smith the Senior Advisor at the National Toxics Inc.

The EJS Secretariat is made of four members available to help you with progressing your Environmental Claims. They are, Adam Tighe the Law Clerk at Shine Lawyers; Alana Simpson, a Senior Paralegal at Shine Lawyers; Clare Cawthorn, a Senior Paralegal at Shine Lawyers and Samantha Smith, the Research Clerk at Shine Lawyers.